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Hi my Dear!
I want to start my first letter from a question: "Is it possible to be happy without LOVE?"
I think that you will agree with me if the answer will be "NO WAY". Love is the most beautiful and exciting thing that may happen between man and woman! It inspires us only for doing positive things towards each other.
One very famous writer said: "The beauty will rescue the world" i agree with his words but still i would add :
" LOVE and Beauty will rescure the world".
I hope you agree with me that Love is a big notion.
There’s love to  God, to Mother, to a child to the country where you were born, and there’s love that joins a man and woman for all their life. That is the LOVE i’m looking for! And i’m seeking for the man who is also eager to have this life long adventure full of surprises and new experience we can share together! Will you join me for this trip?
I do realise that it should be very difficult to say "Yes" from the first letter having no idea about me.
That’s why i just offer to get to know each other better though correspondence that will help us to reveal many things about each other whether we mach perfectly or not. In addition you can look at my pictures and read some info about me here http://miXSAHB.i-looking-for-you.com/
I hope you’ll like what you see and read there.
Well closing my first letter to you i just want to thank you for reading it and i really hope that you’ll share my point of view on what i said above. I do really hope that you’ll answer me soon.
Bibi M.