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Remove / Uninstall OneDrive in Windows 10

1. Run CMD as administrator, and then kill OneDrive process

2. Uninstall OneDrive for 32bit Windows 10

3. Uninstall OneDrive for 64bit Windows 10

4. Delete OneDrive folder

5. Delete registry keys for OneDrive.

Remove Windows 10 build-in Apps

Uninstall 3D Builder:

Uninstall Alarms and Clock:

Uninstall Calculator:

Uninstall Calendar and Mail:

Uninstall Camera:

Uninstall Contact Support:

This app can’t be removed.

Uninstall Cortana:

This app can’t be removed.

Uninstall Get Office:

Uninstall Get Skype:

Uninstall Get Started:

Uninstall Groove Music:

Uninstall Maps:

Uninstall Microsoft Edge:

This app can’t be removed.

Uninstall Microsoft Solitaire Collection:

Uninstall Money:

Uninstall Movies & TV:

Uninstall News:

Uninstall OneNote:

Uninstall People:

Uninstall Phone Companion:

Uninstall Photos:

Get-AppxPackage *photos* | Remove-AppxPackage

Uninstall Store:

Uninstall Sports:

Uninstall Voice Recorder:

Uninstall Weather:

Uninstall Windows Feedback:

This app can’t be removed.

Uninstall Xbox: