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fix new iphone can’t sync with issue

It seems Microsoft is encourage people to use the app outlook. The app is good, but I still need to sync the contact between my iphone and outlook to get my contacts number.
Spent some time to check this issue, here is the fix:

Can’t create tasks in Synology Active Backup for business

My Synology NAS DS1813+ is running for about 6 years, all good. I used the package “Active backup for business” to backup my AWS server data. Just config rsync and then all good to go.

The backup job was running fine for the past a few years. But I noticed that the task stopped since Christmas. When I tried to re-create the task, I got below errors:

And I also found below error message in /var/log/messages:

Tried to reinstall active backup, still the same.
After investigation, I found that this issue was caused by permission structure of my NAS share folder.
My NAS was coming with DSM 4, and after several major version upgrade, now it’s running DSM 6.2. It seems in the past DSM was using UNIX-like ACL and then from DSM 5.* it’s moved to Windows Like ACLs.
So I need to upgrade my NAS to convert share folder permission to Windows ACL:

After convert, Active backup starts working again.

Fix”Video Schedule Internal Error”blue screen problem

I just set up a new Z170/6700K machine which is running windows 10. But I always got the blue screen with error message Video_Schedule_Internal_Error.


After investigation, I found that this problem was caused by the latest Intel Video card driver win64_15407.4279.
The workaround is to change the shared memory settings for the Intel Video card. You need to assign 128M memory for per 8G memory. It means:

If you have 8G memory, assign 128M memory for the Video card;
If you have 16G memory, assign 256M memory for the Video card;
If you have 32G memory, assign 512M memory for the Video card;

Crossflashing an IBM M1115 RAID controller to LSI firmware

1. Download the flash package, and unzip it to folder SAS

2. Download latest firmware from LSI website.

At this time, I’m using 9211-8i_Package_P18_IR_IT_Firmware_BIOS_for_MSDOS_Windows.

3. Unzip the firmware package, and copy below files to folder SAS created in step 1
2118ir.bin from FirmwareHBA_9211_8i_IR
2118it.bin from FirmwareHBA_9211_8i_IT
mptsas2.rom from sasbios_rel
sas2flsh.exe from sas2flash_dos_rel

4. Create a DOS bootable USB drives, you can download a tool from below link:

5. Turn machine off, and grab the SAS address of the card, it’s on the back on a green sticker (ie 500605B0xxxxxxxx)

6. Use the USB drive to boot the computer, and flash the firmware

7. You may get an error message “ERROR: Failed to initialize PAL. Exiting program.” when you try to flash the card, it means that you’re unable to do this from DOS. You have to get a UEFI shell ( worked for me on my 64 bit CPU) and put it on your usb stick. Then you have to boot into UEFI shell, and use below command



2.进入注册表("运行" REGEDIT). 找到下列分支HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlClass{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
2、应该能看到有以下主键:"UPPER FILTER" 和 "LOWER FILTER"。 把值都删除。


12.1英寸    800×600    0.308mm
12.1英寸    1024×768    0.240mm
14.1英寸    1024×768    0.279mm
14.1英寸    1400×1050    0.204mm
15英寸    1024×768    0.297mm
15英寸    1400×1050    0.218mm
15英寸    1600×1200    0.190mm
16英寸    1280×1024    0.248mm
17英寸    1280×1024    0.264mm
17英寸宽屏    1280×768    0.2895mm
17.4英寸    1280×1024    0.270mm
18英寸    1280×1024    0.281mm
18.5英寸宽屏    1366×768    0.300mm
19英寸    1280×1024    0.294mm
19英寸    1600×1200    0.242mm
19英寸宽屏    1440×900    0.285mm
19英寸宽屏    1680×1050    0.243mm
20.1英寸    1200×1024    0.312mm
20.1英寸    1600×1200    0.255mm
20.1英寸宽屏    1680×1050    0.258mm
20.1英寸    2560×2048    0.156mm
20.8英寸    2048×1536    0.207mm
21.3英寸    1600×1200    0.270mm
21.3英寸    2048×1536    0.210mm
21.5英寸宽屏    1920×1080    0.248mm
21.6英寸宽屏    1680×1050    0.276mm
22英寸宽屏    1600×1024    0.294mm
22英寸宽屏    1680×1050    0.282mm
22.2英寸    3840×2400    0.1245mm
23英寸宽屏    1920×1200    0.258mm
23.1英寸    1600×1200    0.294mm
24英寸宽屏    1920×1200    0.270mm
25.5英寸宽屏    1920×1200    0.285mm
27.5英寸宽屏    1920×1200    0.309mm
30英寸宽屏    2560×1600    0.250mm

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