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Fix “the app required specific feature not available on the device” and install fitness on iPad

First of all, Not all devices support Fitness app, please check apple doc for more information.

And I’m using Ipad Air 2 which in on the support list, but when try to install Fitness app, I still got error “the app required specific feature not available on the device”.

After investigation, I found out that to install Fitness App on iPad, you need to meet below requirements:

  1.  You have an apple watch paired with an iPhone.
  2.  Home app is installed on both iPhone and iPad. If you removed them like me, install them back. And then open the Home app.
  3. If different apple IDs are used on your iPhone and iPad, (for example, the iPad is for my daughter so it’s using my daughter’s apple ID). go to Home App and add both IDs into the same home. Then reboot both iPhone and iPad

Then you should be able to install Fitness App on iPad now.


fix new iphone can’t sync with outlook.com issue

It seems Microsoft is encourage people to use the app outlook. The app is good, but I still need to sync the contact between my iphone and outlook to get my contacts number.
Spent some time to check this issue, here is the fix:

    Login to outlook.live.com
    In the browser, click on Settings icon (gear at top right) ; scroll down the Quick Settings panel and click on 'View all Outlook settings'
    In the pop-up window, select 'General'; 'Mobile Devices'
    Select the iPhone, note if you have more than one iPhone (e.g. an older device), select the 'Edit' icon (pencil) to check the details including the version, 'OK' to exit details
    Click on the 'Delete' icon (bin) to remove the device
    Power off the iPhone
    Power on the iPhone - device should attempt to re-register with Microsoft
    Open the iPhone Mail app and look for email with subject: "ACTION REQUIRED TO SYNC EMAIL" (note, this email won't appear in the online version of Outlook, only in the iPhone Mail app)
    Scroll down the message and click on: "Continue using this email app".