Monthly Archives: September 2015

Fix”Video Schedule Internal Error”blue screen problem

I just set up a new Z170/6700K machine which is running windows 10. But I always got the blue screen with error message Video_Schedule_Internal_Error.


After investigation, I found that this problem was caused by the latest Intel Video card driver win64_15407.4279.
The workaround is to change the shared memory settings for the Intel Video card. You need to assign 128M memory for per 8G memory. It means:

If you have 8G memory, assign 128M memory for the Video card;
If you have 16G memory, assign 256M memory for the Video card;
If you have 32G memory, assign 512M memory for the Video card;

Exclude certain Office programs when deploying Office 365 / Office 2016

1, Download Office 2016 Deployment Tool

2, create a configuration.xml similar to below

3. Put the configure file in the same folder with deployment tool, then run below command as administrator:


Please note you need to modify Product ID to match the version you purchased,
For office 2016, use Product ID=”ProplusRetail”;
For office 365, use Product ID=”O365ProPlusRetail”