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send/receive hang on”Offline address book Connecting to Microsoft Exchange”

The fix is pretty easy. Open the web.config in the OAB folder (usually C:program filemicrosoftexchange serverv14clentaccessoab), and give Authenticated Users both the read and read and execute permissions.
Then restart IIS

THe issue should be fixed.

upgrade php in Freebsd 9.2

While upgrade freebsd to 9.2, when I tried to upgrade php from 5.4.16 to 5.4.21, I got below error message:

According to Freebsd bug report (, to fix this problem, we need to add NO_STAGE=yes into make.conf.

Disable virtual printers mapping in Citrix

To disable the virtual printer mapping in Citrix, you need to deploy a Citrix user policy to disable the drivers of the virtual printers.
The policy is based on the driver name. So you need to make sure that the driver name is correct.
Here are the drivers.

Remove Microsoft XPS Document Writer

To remove the ‘Microsoft XPS Document Writer’ printer within Windows Server 2008, run the following command:

cscript C:WindowsSystem32Printing_Admin_Scriptsen-USprnmngr.vbs -d -p “Microsoft XPS Document Writer”

This command can be used for any other local printer that needs to be removed, eg. ‘Send to OneNote’