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Citrix NetScaler 10.x java applet hangs while starting

For Citrix Netscaler 10, we may get some issues that we can’t start JAVA application. So we can’t config Citrix Netscaler.

So here’s the fix!

Open up the Windows Control Panel and start the Java Control panel.

Now go to General -> Temporary Internet Files -> Settings and Unselect Keep temporary files on my computer.

Now go to General -> Advanced and configure the following options
“Mixed code (sandboxed vs trusted) security verification” = “Disable verification”
“Perform certificate revocation checks on” = “Do not check”

The lastest version of Citrix NetScaler has fixed this problem!

支持Web 2.0 Sun Java System Portal Server推新版

Sun Microsystems Inc.周四宣布推出新版本Java System Portal Server软件,该软件可以免费下载,并与Java Enterprise System, Solaris Enterprise System及Java Application Platform Suite搭配使用。
开发人员可以利用新的portal server来构建包含RSS feed,blog及wiki等互动内容的社区门户。Sun公司还表示,新版本还加强了用户控制,减少开发时间,解放IT资源,另外还支持service oriented architectures(SOA),允许使用Sun Java Studio Creator进行直接拖放portlet development。
本周早些时候,Sun还宣布将其开源版Java DB database和Apache Derby Project Sun支持版也集成进新版的Java System Portal Server。