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Citrix always change default keyboard / input layout after login

I’m using Chinese input layout in my VDI, so usually I delete all other input layout.
And I found that every time when I login to my VDI via company’s laptop, my VDI’s default keyboard input layout will be changed to English (US), and I have to remove it again and again.

At beginning I thought it’s a windows bug, so I spent lots of time to check MS article to fix the problem…No fix…

And today I found that this issue is caused by Citrix not by Windows… Citrix introduced a new feature named “keyboard layout synchronization” in version 7.16. You can refer to below link:


To disable this feature,

The default keyboard layout changes when you use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to a Windows XP-based computer

Consider the following scenario:•    You are using a Microsoft Windows XP-based computer that uses the English (United States) keyboard layout as the default keyboard layout.
•    You install a new keyboard layout on the computer in addition to the default keyboard layout. For example, you install the Dvorak (United States) keyboard layout.
•    You use Remote Desktop Connection to connect to this Windows XP-based computer from another computer.

In this scenario, the default keyboard layout changes to a Dvorak (United States) keyboard layout on the Windows XP-based computer.