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MT-Blacklist was once an indispensible part of any Movable Type installation. For years, it kept us sane and did a better job than any other solution in keeping spammers at bay.
But then, came Movable Type 3.2. Movable Type 3.2 includes a sophisticated pluggable feedback rating framework that provides for a completely customized spam-fighting solution and a Junk folder that catches everything marked as Junk. What’s more, Brad Choate’s SpamLookup has been enhanced to work with the framework, had a number of new features added and is bundled with Movable Type 3.2.
Here’s what to do:
Get Movable Type 3.2
Remove ALL traces of MT-Blacklist from your plugins folder
Spend more time blogging and less time worrying about spam and server load
With these tools in place, the burden of spam has been completely eliminated from the Movable Type experience. You receive the comments and TrackBacks that you want, and the spam flows entirely into MT 3.2’s Junk folder and is auto-deleted after a short time.
For this reason, MT-Blacklist is no longer needed. I know that many of you spam-weary MT users can’t imagine living without MT-Blacklist, but believe me, you don’t need it. It takes infinitely more effort to maintain your blacklist, it’s less accurate and effective and with Movable Type 3.2’s plugin API, it’s nothing more than a poor hack.
I thank you all for your support over this time and it’s my honor to have helped all of you keep your sanity and your blogs spam-free(ish).