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Reset win2k8/2k12 domain admin password

My friend forgot his test lab domain admin password. And he only have a normal user account. So he asked me how can he reset his domain admin password.
It’s easy. Only a few steps

1. Boot the domain controller with a windows 2k8/2k12 installation CD
2. Press shift+f10 to start command line on the fist screen.
3. Run below command:

You should replace E: with you local disk letter.
4. Restart the DC
5. When DC done booting up again and you are at the Logon screen click on the Ease of access icon. Then you should be able to open a command line.
6. Reset domain admin password


Freebsd root password lost after mergemaster

if you’re using mergemaster to update FreeBSD, sometime, if you don’t pay attention to diff, you may use the new master.passwd and group to overwrite the old one, then the root password will be missed.

Freebsd will backup master.passwd and group everyday to folder /var/backup. So just copy them back, and run

#pwd_mkdb -p