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The XHTML/CSS template phase of my new blog, part 1


Most of you might already know that if you create your pages using CSS, you need to switch off ‘slice-mode’. Slicing and tables are yesterday’s news if you are a web professional. I guess I don’t have to explain why, so we move right onto the practical question: How did I start converting my blog design? First you need to analyze your design and define the areas that will be converted into a container div using an ID or a class.

Defining the main container divs

Dividing the page into the main areas is where it all starts. For my design I have 2 big areas: the footer and everything above the footer. These 2 div containers are called : #footer and #wrap (see image below). The last one contains a lot of other containers. That’s why I give it the logical name of “wrap”, acting like a wrapper around other containers. This big wrapper is needed to keep all the containers together. If I would leave this one out then the boxes would move when you resize your window smaller then my layout. This can of course cause a neath effect, exactly what you are hoping for. A perfect example is Simon Collison’s weblog. My design however makes it less perfect to do that. A wrapper container is also needed if you like to have a centered layout. So when you resize your window the layout stays centered. In this case everything is wrapped, the footer as well.

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