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Increasing disk/zpool size of FreeBSDZFS disks in Linode

I’m running a FreeBSD instance in Linode. And FreeBSD is not the official supported OS in Linode.The disk type is set to raw to install FreeBSD.

And recently Linode upgraded my instance and the disk size is increased from 40G to 80G.

But when I login to the system, I found that my zpool is still 40G. But the disk is shown as 80G.

I tried to enable zfs autoexpand on my zpool, the same. Then how to increase the disk/zpool size?

First, re-write disk metadata

After this, gpart can show the real disk space info

Then, expand zfs partition

Then, expand the zpool


Don’t forget to write zfs info to disk

Install FreeBSD on Linode VPS

I’m a FreeBSD fan, I prefer to use FreeBSD as the web server if possible.
In the pass Linode doesn’t support FreeBSD, people who want to use FreeBSD have to choose Digital Ocean or other service provider.
And in earlier this year, Linode has migrated all VPS from Xen to KVM, and it made installing FreeBSD on Linode VPS possible. But FreeBSD is not official supported by Linode. You can’t deploy FreeBSD via Linode control panel. So I wrote this article to share my experience about how to install FreeBSD on Linode.

1. Add a new linode VPS.


2. Go to the dashboard, and create a new vDisk.


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