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Installing Windows XP on ESX/ESXi using LSI Logic driver

By default, ESX will use the LSI Logic driver when deploying a new Windows XP virtual machine. The LSI Logic driver is not found on the CD-ROM media, so Windows XP will not continue with the installation if this driver is not found.


  1. The steps:
    Create a new Windows XP Virtual Machine
    Upload a Windows XP .iso file to your datastore/ISOstore (preferably a VLK version) and link it via the CD-ROM options in your Virtual Machine. Make sure it is connected / at power on
    Go to http://www.lsilogic.com/cm/DownloadSearch.do and search for a driver for the LSI20320-R controller.
    Extract all files in the symmpi_wXP_1201800.ZIP
    Use a program such as WinImage to create an LSILogic.flp file and include the extracted files in the .flp image.
    Upload the newly created LSILogic.flp to your datastore/ISO store
    Link the .flp file via the Floppy options => use existing floppy image in datastore in your Virtual Machine. Do NOT connect it yet.
    Power On your Windows XP machine. The installation of Windows XP should begin.
    During setup, press F6 to select additional SCSI drivers
    Now is the time to connect your floppy and use S during Windows Setup when prompted to connect to the floppy drive.


The LSILogic drive should appear. Press ENTER to continue
Setup will continue as normal
Install VMware tools

NOTE: when using the BusLogic driver instead, you can download & use a preconfigured .flp file from the VMware site: http://download3.vmware.com/software/vmscsi- Follow the same procedure as described above. The driver should be name VMware SCSI Controller in Windows XP.

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